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Removing Coffee Stains from Your Rug

It tends to happen without much warning, and it is one of the more frustrating things that we may experience in our home. We just get a new rug laid down and before you know it, somebody spills something on it, and it seems as if we are never going to get it clean again.

In reality, there is a way to clean almost any type of stain from carpeting; you just need to know how to do it properly. For example, one of the more difficult stains that you may experience is a coffee stain.

If you have a coffee drinker in the home, it is likely that you are going to experience a spill at some time or another. Some of those spills can be quite severe, and when they hit the carpet, it’s time to take action. We had this problem a while after we bought a new coffee maker, we got this model Within 3 hours, we had a spill on our hands. Here are some tips to fix this, these are the same ones we used.

First of all, you should recognize that anytime you have a spill on the carpeting, it is no time to panic. You do need to act quickly, however, so the stain doesn’t set and become more difficult to remove.

In the case of coffee, the first thing you should do is to grab some paper towels or perhaps an old rag that you don’t mind staining and blot the stain to remove as much of the coffee as possible. It is important not to rub the stain because doing so would just serve to set the spot and make it much more difficult to remove. Don’t worry about getting all of the coffee out at this point; you just want to remove as much as possible by blotting it and soaking up the excess liquid.

The next step is to dilute the coffee that is on the carpet. You would do so by grabbing a maximum of 1 cup of cold water and flushing that part of the carpet thoroughly. Continue to blot the area with paper towels or with an old, absorbent rag. This will help to remove even more the stain and to keep it from setting even further.

Make a mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 cups of lukewarm water. You can add a splash of dish detergent to give it a little more strength. Keep in mind; lemon juice is a wonder cleaner around the home, and you will be amazed at what it can accomplish.

Grab a clean sponge and apply the solution to it. You don’t want to completely soak the sponge with the liquid, just make sure it is damp enough so it will affect the spot.

Starting at the outside of the stain, rub the sponge in a circular motion and work your way toward the inside of the stain. The stain should be fairly light at this point.

Finish up by rinsing the area with some more cold, clean water and remove the excess moisture using an old towel. If the coffee stain is still noticeable, simply repeat the procedure until it is gone.

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

When it comes to making sure your home is clean, there’s not much that’s more difficult than cleaning the carpet. Certainly, you can vacuum daily, and that will help quite a bit. There’s always going to be some stains that managed to get down to the roots of the fabric, harden up, and become impossible to get out due to normal cleaning methods.

When that happens, you may think that it’s a great idea to rent a carpet shampoo machine from the local grocery store and do it yourself. That’s certainly an option, but it’s not the best one. The best option would be to hire a good carpet cleaning service. Hiring professionals means you know that they’ll have the tools, the skills, and the experience to make sure your carpet is as clean as it can be. They’ll have all the right chemicals to get down to the roots of the carpet, and get it all soaked up and cleaned out. And the best part is, you won’t have to work your fingers to the bone to make it happen.

However, if you’re going to hire the professionals, you have to make sure you’re hiring the right ones. So how do you make certain that you’re hiring the right carpet cleaning service? After all, you don’t want to hire a company that’s not going to do the job right. You especially don’t want to hire a company that’s going to overcharge you for their services. What are your options?

Your best bet is to head to the internet. Simply go to your favorite internet search engine, be it Google or Bing, and do some searches. You’ll find all manner of different websites, some from companies, other from customers. The customer websites are the ones you’re going to want to pay close attention to. That’s because customer reviews will give you the ability to know how the various companies treated their customers, what kind of job those companies did, and whether or not those companies are worth hiring. Those customer reviews will give you a full, educated understanding of what each potential company you can hire will do.

Finding the right cleaning service is easy, but you do have to put some work into it. Once you do your research, though, you’ll have a full idea of what company you should hire.

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Company

When it comes to keeping the house clean, there’s a huge number of things that have to be dealt with. Everything from scrubbing the grout between the tiles on the bathroom wall, to somehow getting all the dust and muck that’s managed to fall between the stove and the refrigerator have to be dealt with. It’s a huge amount of work, and it’s a never ending job considering how quickly and easily everything can get dirty again and again.

There’s nothing quite as annoyingly difficult as getting the carpet clean. It would be one thing if the carpet could be consistently cleaned by simply vacuuming it. Unfortunately, getting the carpet clean is often more involved than just running the vacuum. This is because dirt, mud, grime, and worse can very easily get down to the roots of the carpet fabric, dry out, and become impossible to clean by normal dry suction. The carpet needs to be shampooed, which is a task in and of itself.

When presented with this fact, many people choose to rent a carpet shampooer from their local grocery store. However, this is a course of action that results in far more work than is necessary. Instead, you should simply call a professional carpet cleaning company. A professional carpet cleaning company is going to be able to get that carpet clean and spotless, possibly looking as great as it did on the day it was first installed. They’ll have the tools, the skills, and the experience to make sure the carpet is clean, bright, and fluffy.

It may be a little more expensive than renting a rug shampoo machine from the grocery store, but the results will speak for themselves. Well, the results will speak for themselves presuming you hire the right company. Hiring the wrong company will leave you having spent far too much money for sub-par work, a carpet that’s not nearly as clean as it should be, and possibly chemical residue that can cause long term health issues to you, your pets, or your family. That’s exactly what you don’t want to have happened. You want things clean, and you want them cleaned easily. You don’t want to suffer for luxury.

So how can you make sure that you hire the right carpet cleaning company? Is there an easy way to do that? Or is it a matter of simply hiring a company at random and hoping you get the right one?

You don’t have to do that! There is an easy way figure out which cleaning company you should hire, and all it takes is a bit of time and effort. You can find the right cleaning company by heading to the internet and doing a bit of research! You can simply head to your preferred search engine, be it Google or Bing, and type in the name of your city and “rug cleaning company” or “carpet cleaning”. Once you do that, you’ll get dozens of websites, talking about all your options in your city. And, perhaps more importantly, you’ll get some customer reviews.

These customer reviews will tell you what each company is like. People will tell you their experiences with the company, and how good the work was. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not the company was worth hiring, and whether or not the price was fair.

Once you know those things, you’ll be able to make a much more educated decision on what rug cleaning company you should hire. That way, you’ll be able to relax while your carpet is cleaned, and you won’t have to work yourself to the bone.

What Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Do For You

As a homeowner, you can certainly rent your carpet cleaning vacuum, but you simply can’t overlook that professional services can still offer you a number of benefits that taking a DIY approach simply can’t. For a bit of extra money, professional carpet cleaning services can effectively and safely clean your carpets and prolong their lifespan. Not sure you want to spend the extra money? Here are our top reasons you should:

When you hire professional services, you won’t have to worry about breaking your back. If there is any heavy furniture that will need to be moved, the company you hired will take care of it. Not only will you get a perfectly clean floor, but you didn’t hurt your lumbar area hauling out your stuff.

Before going ahead and dragging the carpet cleaner over your flooring, professionals will use an industrial grade vacuum cleaner to make sure that your carpet is free of dirt and debris. The vacuum you have at home may seem sufficient for daily maintenance, but in the long haul, it’s the industrial strength that can get your carpet ready for deep cleaning.

Meanwhile, you can rent certain equipment to clean your carpeting, the industrial grade tools used by professional carpet cleaning companies is quite different. The number one difference you may notice is that industrial grade tools have an extreme suction power that deliver a high quality of clean.

You’ve heard the old saying that time is money, right? Well, cleaning carpets is not a task that you can do in just under an hour. You not only have to haul out heavy furniture, but vacuum your carpets, remove stains, use pre-treatments solutions, and of course, haul in the equipment and empty the water tanks. When you think about it, this is a lot of backbreaking work that takes a long time, so letting professionals handle the work is a good idea.

Mold and mildew both plague the average household, and they can become worse if you attempt to clean your carpets, but accidentally over saturate them with water. Fortunately, professional cleaners know exactly when to stop applying water, and they can make sure that your carpets don’t suffer from mold and mildew in the long run. Once your carpets reach this stage, it is truly reversible and replacing your flooring costs significantly more than if you were just to call an expert company.

You can extend the life of your expensive carpeting by getting them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Experts know how to remove stains and bring back worn carpeting to their former glory. At some point, it is inevitable that you will have to replace your carpeting, but it can last for years if you take care and preserve.

Lastly, it’s important to choose a reliable company that offers a satisfaction guarantee– most do! Don’t cut corners when it comes to your flooring as the amount you think you save, you will spend on replacing your worn flooring.